There isn't a more stressful time than leaving college. The workload is enormous, the pressure is at its peak and it is all too easy to fall into a last-minute crisis.


Here are six tips to keep you motivated until the end of exam season:


Don't start celebrating too soon

Likely, you and your friends won't finish your exams on the same day. Your friends' exams may be ending soon, so you might be tempted to join them at their parties and other celebrations. As unfair as it may seem, don't start the celebrations until the exams are over.


Try to keep your distance from these friends and stay focused on your work. If you've managed to go that long without partying, a few more days can't be that hard.


Reward yourself after each exam

If you have multiple exams, you should plan small, manageable rewards after each exam. It will help to keep your morale and motivation high if you recognize and treat yourself after each difficult job. It may assist you to go back to studying, knowing you've taken a well-deserved (but short) break.


Use what works

Since you're taking your final exams, it means you've already tried many techniques or read and answer exam questions. Review what you have done so far and assess what has worked best. This way you can be working both hard and smart.


Stay in control by staying organized

Breaking down the work you need to do into manageable chunks will help you avoid getting overwhelmed. Create realistic plans, lists, or charts to help organize your remaining work. After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than crossing something off your to-do list.


Study with the right friends

Turning studying into a social activity can help make it seem less difficult. Getting people together to work can be hugely motivational – plus, they can keep you in line and on schedule. The challenging part is finding the right friends or colleagues to study with.


In your class, look for serious people. They won’t mind if you join them in their group discussion. If your best friend is a distraction, explain to him/her about your situation. A true friend will understand


Take care of yourself

Exam season can become an excuse to let go. Exercising, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and taking care of yourself are all essential to staying motivated. Make sure you take the time to take care of yourself, otherwise you may have problems during and after the exams.


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