• Step 1: Choosing the Topic
  • Step 2: Conducting Thorough Research on Your Topic
  • Step 3: Preparing a Draft
  • Step 4: Writing the Report
  • Structure Of the Report
  • Should I Choose Online Report Writing Help from Sample Assignment?

As a student, there will come a time when you’ll need to submit a quality report to your professor. While this sounds like a simple task on the surface, writing a report requires tremendous efforts and a thorough approach on your part. Like any other form of writing, a report must also follow a proper structure and smooth flow.


Many students find it tiresome to write a report that is well structured and insightful thus failing to provide relevant data on a given topic.


When you get a report assignment to be submitted in a particular deadline, the first task is to create a timeline in your mind. The timeline should help you oversee how you’ll tackle the assignment from the first section to the final stage.


Now, let's talk about the prerequisite steps necessary to write an impressive report that will attract good grades. Each step must be carefully carried out so that the resulting product turns out surprisingly flawless.


Step 1: Choosing the Topic

This is the initial step to writing any report. You must choose the field on which the report is to be written. Keep in mind that the report writing topics must be something you have studied or wish to study.


It is not advisable to pick a topic with little or no knowledge. Choosing a topic under your field of study or expertise is always recommended as it ensures that your report is insightful and safeguards you from making errors. A good topic constitutes something worthwhile, original, or with a reference to another author's work.


A few factors must be considered while picking a topic. These include:

  • The subject itself
  • The reason for selecting the subject
  • What to investigate
  • Who to investigate
  • Expected outcome of the study

The students must also write a conclusion on framing the statement of the report.


Step 2: Conducting Thorough Research on Your Topic

Being creative and perceptive is essential while writing a report on the chosen topic. You must gather as much information as possible while making sure that your sources are reliable. Hence, only refer to scholarly and quasi-scholarly sources to collect data.


While researching, it is essential to keep in mind the audience to whom you are presenting the report. Organize the data that you have collected after careful analysis and interpretation.


While online resources do help, it is essential to know that the credibility of online sources can never be guaranteed. You must find credible sources.  Referring to books, writings, essays, and other pieces of literature is preferable and beneficial to make your report rich with substance.


To make the report interesting, you can refer to studies, research papers, and theories you have found during your research.


Step 3: Preparing a Draft

The first step while making the draft for your report is writing the Problem Statement. This statement is the essence of the report and will give the reader an idea about the contents. The thesis statement contains bits of all the headings present in your report.


Once you have written the thesis statement, the next step is to create an outline of the report. Every great academic report has a well-defined outline that makes the report-writing process very systematic. The outline covers everything from the introduction to the conclusion, giving a brief of how the report should turn out.


Step 3: Writing the Report

Here we are, on the primary task at hand. This is the part where you will reap the benefits and advantages of following the steps mentioned above carefully. Writing the final report would now be efficient and easy if you carried out the initial steps flawlessly.


Structure of the Report

In the introduction, you will mention your intent and objective of writing the report. The introduction must be engaging and should provide the reader with a preface to your report. The length of the introduction must comprise 10% of the entire report.



The body of the report is where you will write all the substance. The body must consist of multiple paragraphs to maintain the reader's engagement and to separate the topics you are talking about.


Throughout the body, you must transition from one statement to the next smoothly and creatively. You must explain your arguments and the data to support your opinions thoroughly and clearly. A helpful tip is to go through what you have written with a reader's perspective.



The conclusion for a report should be short and direct. Here, you will provide the reader with a brief of what you have deduced from your report. You can mention your findings on the topic that has been discussed in the body.


It is essential to ensure that the reader gets proper closure on the topic upon reading your conclusion. Similar to the introduction, the conclusion should incorporate 10% of the entire report.



You must properly reference all the researched materials as per the asked referencing style like Harvard, APA or IEEE. There must be proper in-text citations to prove the authenticity of the material.


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